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Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods


Precision pesticide placement

Precision Pesticide Placement

Eradipest Services makes sure that when we treat with our residual spray for crawling and flying insects, we target the specific areas and harbourage sites of the insect being treated.

We are aware of the environment and the eco-systems that make Cape Town so unique and will never harm insects that form part of a good and healthy eco-system whether it is in a domestic or commercial setting.

We focus solely on the problem and eradicate it safely without disturbing non-pests.

Gel bait

Baiting and Residual Treatment

Gel bait can be used to kill cockroaches individually or to control large populations. To kill pests individually, the bait is placed in specific places (under warm appliances etc) for ingestion. To control larger populations, the residual-contact bait attaches to a pest that returns to the remainder of the pests which in turn passes it to large numbers of the population, resulting in death.

We also use a gel bait specifically for ants which can be used in areas that we cannot spray, such as electric motors for gates and in gaps where residual spray will not reach. Granules can be used in conjunction with a residual spray for the maximum effectiveness.

Our residual spray is used mostly on crawling insects/arachnids (cockroaches, fleas, ants, silverfish, spiders, bed bugs and many more) as well as flying pests (wasps, mosquitos, flies) that are found around Cape Town.

Rodent control

Rodent Control

When treating for rodents in Cape Town, our technicians know what to look for. Firstly, a thorough inspection is carried through in order to identify the species (whether it is a rat or a mouse). This is to understand what factors are attracting them and to observe where they are nesting/breeding. We also eliminate any potential entry points as well as reducing the population by placing bait and/or traps.

We do prefer using baits (whether it is single or multiple feed bait) in order to eliminate a rodent problem as we have found it is more humane, faster and effective. For ongoing rodent problems, or if the rodent activity is high, we suggest the external bait stations which are mounted around the outside of a building or property. These methods are weather proof as well as pet and child safe.

When placing bait throughout a home or in a roof space, we make sure to put it in places where kids and pets will not be able to reach, therefore baiting safely and efficiently.


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