Weevils are known to be pests because of the destruction they cause to dry foods. They can be found in a domestic setting, in the flour bags in your cupboards or more vastly, in an agricultural setting. Farmers cannot stand weevils as they damage their agricultural goods (grains, flours etc) which means that they lose out on their business. The way one can tell if they have a weevil infestation is by studying the granules of the flour or grain. If the granules stick together and are quite stringy, there is probably a weevil infestation.

There are various species of weevils such as the grain weevi, the maize weevil and the lesser rice weevil. All of these species will cause extensive damage to foods, whether in a domestic or agricultural setting. These foods are the staple diet for many in South Africa and therefore it is important to eradicate any weevil infestations.

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