Wasps are not essentially pests as they are known to control insect populations by feeding on them. Almost every pest insect that we find around us has a wasp that feeds on it, so from that point of view – why eradicate them?

We eradicate wasps because of the danger that poses us when they have built a nest near our homes or in our gardens. It is a worry to find a wasp nest especially if you have active children and pets. When wasps sting a mammal, they don’t just sting once like a bee but rather numerous times which can inflict an enormous amount of pain and discomfort. Wasp’s nests are generally made from wood fibres which they chew and mix with saliva. One can look out for wasp’s nests under gutters, eaves and overhangs. Because they fiercely guard their nests, it can be dangerous if one does not know that there is a wasp nest right above their heads because we can disturb them unintentionally, therefore aggravating the colony. If one comes across a wasp’s nest or several of them, they should inform us immediately as to prevent any harm on pets as well as themselves.

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