Termites are seen as pests because of their wood-eating habits. They can cause major damage to many building and even soft materials can be damaged. Termites are very fond of moisture conditions as it is ideal to build up a colony. There are a few construction and landscape practices that lead to subterranean termite infestation: wood to soil contact (one can see the direct highway from colony in soil to structural wood), improper damage (insufficiently extended eaves, short down sprouts result in an accumulation of moisture at the base of the foundation which attracts the termites) and landscaping (the spreading of decayed leaves/compost or gravel against the foundation can also cause moisture to be retained at the base of the structure.

Because most soil is prime termite habitat, the area in line from the foundation should be kept as dry as possible). Leaking gutters can also retain moisture against a foundation and should be sorted out as it is possible that it could attract termites. The colonies of subterranean termites can reach one million, so it is very important to eradicate them as soon as possible due to the amount of extensive damage they can do, especially in such great numbers. Termites don’t only limit themselves to wood once they have entered a building, but do damage to cloths, paper, carpet and cellulose materials. When one has come across termites in their homes, they need to eradicate them as effectively and quickly as possible as it can cost thousands in rands to fix the damage that they can do.

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