Spiders, like wasps, are also not classified as pests due to the fact that they are predators and the insect pests are their prey. However, spiders can be a nuisance and also dangerous, especially because they like to live with us in our homes or in close proximities. If we somehow irritate them or they think we are being a threat (even if unintentional), they will protect themselves by biting us or our pets. Most spiders that we encounter in our home aren’t necessarily poisonous, however they can still deliver a nasty bite that can be very painful and also irritable. For instance, the Golden Orb Web spider is not venomous and apparently not very aggressive, however if irritated they do give painful bites which could cause allergic reactions. Rain spiders are also not poisonous but because they seek shelter when weather conditions are dreary, they are more likely to get in your way inside your home. Their bites are also quite painful and can also cause allergic reactions.

Spiders that we should really worry about are the black and brown button spider, the brown recluse spider/violin spider, sac spiders and the six-eyed sand spiders. These spiders are extremely poisonous and can kill a grown man in minutes if not treated immediately. The venom produced from these spiders are either neurotoxic or cytotoxic. The web dweller spiders are generally the ones with the neurotoxins in their venom, whereas the land dwelling spiders have the cytotoxic venom. It is very important to rid your homes if you have seen any of these poisonous spiders as they are more than likely to lay eggs and infest an area in your home. Spiders generally like dark corners and crevices but can also be attracted to light because this is where insects are found at night time. Spiders are nocturnal, so you do not want them crawling about when you are asleep!

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