House mice are seen as pests as they are vectors for serious conditions such as salmonellosis, rickettsialpox, lymphoctic choriomeningitis, leptospirosis, rat bite fever, tapeworms and organisms that can cause ringworm. Although mice only eat 3 grams of food a day, they can cause a lot of damage due to the fact that they nibble on various foods which they sometimes spit out. This can be very harmful to humans if we ingest something that has been nibbled on by a rodent.

Mice generally tend to gravitate toward human dwellings as we can easily provide shelter and food for them without us even knowing. They usually make their nests in warm, sheltered areas such as in under furniture/appliances and gaps between walls. Like rats, mice also gnaw a lot because their teeth are constantly growing, so they cause damage to households like this as well. When there is a mice infestation, it can be very costly for humans as they gnaw through wiring, cables and pipes which them need replacing. Because of their size, mice can gain access to a building or house very easily.

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