Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are such a nuisance to us in our homes and are embarrassing as well. These parasitic insects will feed exclusively on your blood while you are sleeping in your bed at night. They are naturally attracted to the warmth inside beds as it is the ideal habitat to bring up their young. They are mainly active at night time as they are attracted to the warmth that the human body gives off whilst asleep. They don’t usually spread diseases and are therefore not harmful in that regard, however they cause a great amount of discomfort and irritation.

The bite of a bed bug can cause allergic reactions and skin rashes that are very discomforting due to a great amount of itchiness. Bed bugs can be brought into your home in various ways. The most common way that they are brought in is via a pet (that doesn’t belong to you) or a visitor that has a bed bug infestation at their home. The most common areas you will find bed bugs is in the seams of your bedding as they look for areas that are dark and protected so that they can safely lay their eggs there. One can usually detect a bed bug problem if they notice bite marks on their bodies, if they itch during the night and if they look for small blood smears on their beds and sheets

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